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2008-02-03 13:20:07 by AznWarlord

Okay, today I'm actually unbanned this time. Now to waste my life on BBS.

Woot! Unbanned

2008-02-02 15:27:33 by AznWarlord

5 days without BBS and I remembered that Newgrounds actually had games! Now that I'm unbanned, I vouch that I will never mention cock grabbing again. Despite the fact I only used the phrase as a joke and actually gave a helpful response to that thread as well . . .

Fuck, nevermind - 12 hours left. Well, time to actually do something productive for another half day.

Sexually Retarded Questions I Made

2008-01-30 14:43:17 by AznWarlord

At lunch, no one was talking, so borrowing from the crappy question: If Jack got stuck on a horse, would you help Jack off the horse? I created this:

If your friend was attacked by a wolf, would you beat off the wolf? (I think I stole this one - it was probably a bear).

But I came up with more original ones (unless by coincidence, I stole them again):

If farmer John's rooster was stuck in a hole, would you pull on his cock?

Speaking of cocks:

If hunting Bill lost his arm, would you help cock his shotgun?

And then it hit me -

If farmer John's donkey had a contagious disease, would you cock his ass or nail it?

Arrgh . . .

2008-01-29 17:29:43 by AznWarlord

Banned again for mention of cock grabbing - this time, not on accident. :(

5 days.

Led Zeppelin

2008-01-25 10:42:10 by AznWarlord

If you hate Zeppelin, I hate you.