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What happened to the Simpsons?

2008-02-25 16:04:39 by AznWarlord

So far, the SImpsons are in season 19, and I can sadly say that I've missed a lot of episodes, save He Loves to Fly and He D'oh's, and the very disappointing E! Pluribus Wiggum. I cannot say that I am satisfied. It seems as ever since the Simpsons started using what I call, "Simpsons Movie coloring" (The very high quality, sharp color used in the Simpsons Movie), the episodes cease to entertain me as MUCH as it used to. There are still funny parts, but it's different from the good old seasons 1-18, each episode (except The Wife Aquatic, which I have yet to watch) has left a mark in my memory. Rather than creating a plot and using it to provide subtle yet mind-blowing humor, I find that the Simpsons is going too "Family Guy", that is, trying to fit as much humor into every second of the show. That doesn't really work well for classic Simpsons. I'm not saying the Simpsons turned bad, maybe it's because I've only managed to watch 2 1/2 episodes (including the back have of Eternal moonshine of the Simpson Mind, which pissed me off because near the end, they were summarizing the episode like movies that cut short of funds and have to explain the ending to the characters, I can't really say anything because I didn't watch the whole thing, maybe that would've made it funny, or simply, the Simpsons were making fun of movies that cut short of funds, I don't know. I just felt that they rushed the ending, put it together wrong, made it seem gay, and it was not funny.), that I find the show has lost it's humor. But I can indeed say that E! Pluribus Wiggum has got to be the only worst episode I've ever seen. Maybe the Simpsons is actually still very funny. It's too early for me to judge.

But seriously, what the fuck was all that Alaska shit in the Simpsons movie? I love the beginning and the plot, but the Alaska part somehow made the rest of the movie bad.

Sorry for the Wall of Text.


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2008-02-25 17:29:03

Fox change the Simpsons writters, they are from Harvard, HA!, universitaries, what a bunch of genius assholes ¬¬...


2008-02-28 17:31:08

The simpsons is a crap cartoon these days, i still watch the classic episodes and luagh my head off at them. But these new ones suck, the jokes are obvious and i don't think i have luaghed once at any of the newer episodes. Whoever the writers were that made the first hundred or so should get there ass back. The movie was funny-ish, still not as good as the older episodes.

AznWarlord responds:

That's why I made this post. Some episodes had commercial breaks funnier than the movie. Not saying it's bad, but it could've been a lot better (ie, no Alaska shit).


2008-02-29 17:37:30

I can't believe that I used to be so blind as to think that cess pool of television was at all good.


2008-03-18 19:23:41

Dude they've been around since the 80's, there running out of ideas.


2008-04-14 18:15:12

I totally agree with ya. I really don't laugh when I watch the new episodes...
Trying to cram humor is not cool. Well, for the Simpsons, anyways.