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Why I hate "Modern" Rock

2008-02-22 12:38:35 by AznWarlord

I've been pondering for days, wonder what it was about "Modern" Rock (by which I mean Pop-Punk and Emo, due to the fact that they are the most popular form of rock music at the moment, on the radio) and I may have come to a conclusion:

The music simply has not evolved since it's origin.

That's right. If you want to write a song, you can only write about about so little things. Chicks being bitches . . . and that's about it.

Take Hard Rock for example. There were 6 different genres of music in the album Led Zeppelin 1 (there are only 9 songs).

Hard Rock is one of the final forms of actual Rock music, which evolved over decades from the blues. Over time, Hard Rock became so well developed that the most legendary bands of all time came from the hard rock/rock and roll eras. The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and so on.

On the other hand, Pop-Punk, not to be confused with actually Punk, and Modern emo emerged shortly after Grunge died out, as new or syncretic forms of music. There's not much variety, and every song in the genres are ripoffs of 2 or 3 original songs, with the same lyrical content, vocal style (of whining rather than actually singing), guitar riff of the same muted Minor/Power chord over and over again, bass line of the same note over and over again, and reused drum beat from every other song. It's pretty talentless and while their origins possessed some sort of skill, because the genres have somehow become extremely popular (thanks to radio stations that play the songs simply because they are new and not good), there a about a million bands with the same song about the same things over and over again.

Still today, the music has not evolved, only declined, so while millions of people will listen to millions shitty songs, people like me won't be wasting their time listening to crap. Instead, we'll be listening to actual well developed music.

And to all you Metal Heads, the quality of metal has been slowly decline as well (especially with Nu-Metal and all these Heavy Metal ripoffs.). The only heavy metal bands I'll be listening to are like, Black Sabbath. Those with their Blues origin (still, because Original Heavy Metal has evolved a lot from the blues. Modern Metal hasn't gone far since Judas Preist destroyed the blues concept in metal).

This post is so out of order I doubt anyone will get it. I'm better off writing off a book in the future.

EDIT: Ehh, screw this post. I don't even want to justify myself anymore. Rock and Roll rules and that's all I need to say.


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2008-02-22 12:42:41

Modern rock is the best...why you a hater?


2008-02-23 17:13:52

Are you trying to say that punk isnt good?
cause your phrases syntaxes are quite random
shouldnt have skipped english class man

You shouldnt stay in the past
there are a lot of good "new" groups
i know they cant replace good ol classics but
change can be good
the last singer who had really good talent died in 1991
freddie mercury
(dont come bragging bout others , cause they died before)