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Shit I broke my whistle

2008-02-08 22:49:03 by AznWarlord

Shouldn't have blown it.

Hell, I'm going back to flagging abusive reviews now.

Finding times to blow the whistles is too damn hard.

ADD: You know what? I'm not gonna care about my whistle. It doesn't affect voting level so I can get it to the lowest point possible. I'm just gonna flag/blow the whistle on anything that seems like it breaks the rules to me, and hope I get the whistle to deity. If my whistle turns to shit so what.


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2008-02-09 04:34:55

I had a broken whistle before its very annoying did you by any chance flag, all cap reviews. Which were short and postive thats how i got my broken whistle.

AznWarlord responds:

I blew my whistle on a flash and it broke. Now I'm trying to get it back up by flagging reviews.

No, I don't flag all caps, I flag off topic.


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